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  • The Best Offense is a Good Defense

    2 בAugust 2019 by

    As someone who played football for much of my life, I grew up hearing coaches say, “ The best offense is a good defense” and “offense wins games, defense wins championships”. I always found this to be an interesting “Chiddush”  because we usually think the opposite, that putting up the points on the board is… Read more

  • A Beautiful Idea that is Useful for Life and Healthy Living

    31 בJuly 2019 by

    We were all created with yetzer hara, evil inclination, within us.  The beauty of our lives is that we have a constant goal, to defeat this yetzer hara, and everytime that we do, we become stronger, holier, happier, more blessed people.  In simplest terms, the yetzer hara is our impulse to not do or even… Read more

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